The digital workplace and the new way of working are here to stay. However, a digital workplace is always in transition and always in motion. If you want the digital workplace at your organisation to feature the latest innovations, make sure you move along with the evolution. Our Business Consultants gladly help you accomplish this.

The digital workplace replaces the desktop on your PC. This workplace uses the cloud and is therefore available anytime and everywhere, on all mobile devices. Office 365, including programs like SharePoint and Skype for Business, offers the possibility to quickly realise a digital workplace Out of the Box. Our Office 365 solutions can therefore be implemented quickly. From experience we know which settings and configurations are of added value for for instance employees at the office or a professional in the field.

The most important factor for success of your digital workplace however, is raising enthusiasm with employees and triggering them to change their behaviour. So in other words, attention for adoption. This awareness starts at the beginning of a project and continues until after delivery.

Do you want to maintain control on your environment after configuration and implementation, but do not want to worry about it yourself? Perhaps you would like to outsource the technical and/or functional support to us. We provide 24/7 service if needed.


INstant intranet

Instant Intranet is a virtually ready-made social intranet for your Office 365 environment. This solution includes a good 80% of what an organisation needs a social intranet to be on average and believes to be important. We can implement the Instant Intranet according to a fixed approach in a short period of time.

Exchange migration

The first step to make the switch to cloud possible is often the migration of your on premise Exchange applications to Exchange online. The starting points of the cloud are completely different and our professionals know how to best handle this.

healthcare portal

Specific for healthcare we implement healthcare portals. Think for example of client, referral and employee portals. The target group includes self-organising healthcare employees, self-reliant clients, helping relatives and everyone from the chain.

personalised news

Attini is a complete solution for corporate communication. It is a personal, measurable, Flipboard-like reading experience, for all mobile platforms. Attini is an Azure application which completely utilizes the publication possibilities of SharePoint online. Personalised news, responding, sharing, publishing to Yammer and insights in reach of your articles, all is possible within a few clicks.

mobile device management

Mobile devices are here to stay in your ICT environment. With the possibilities of the Enterprise Mobility Suite within Office 365 you can set up your own Corporate App Store. Through EMS and Microsoft Intune you can manage and control these corporate apps on the devices of your employees.

Sharepoint apps

Office365 already offers quite a lot of features and functionality out of the box. If you still miss something specific we can help you with an app from our extensive and monthly growing App Catalogue. With focused apps taht extend the standard functionality of SharePoint in a smart way, you will get the most out of your investment without long custom trajectories.

Rapid circle academy

With the Rapid Circle Academy we offer a wide range of trainings and workshops. Focused on end users, functional and technical managers, we help you get started with Office 365 and continuously keep you up to date regarding the newest possibilities the platform has to offer to your organisation.

Cloud succes management

You implemented a beautiful digital workplace or social intranet based on Office365. You have campaigned, trained and communicated extensively. Are you ready? No, the road to success had just begun. The biggest steps are only taken right after the introduction when the enthusiasm of the core user needs to be upheld. This takes time and continuous attention. Microsoft and Rapid Circle pull together with cloud success management to protect and get most out of your investment.