work smarter with enterprise mobile apps

Your employees and customers are expecting more and more to be supported in their work through smart mobile applications as a supplement to their traditional workplace. With our App Factory we can provide you with smart, enterprise mobile apps based on Microsoft Azure and fully integrated with your SharePoint or Office365 portals. It doesn’t matter if you want a custom app or a complete mobile intranet, we always build platform independent. So our apps are suitable for all the usual tablets and smartphones.


custom mobile apps

From our App Factory in India we can develop a specific mobile app for your organisation. This can be multiplatform on the basis of using the Xamarin platform, but if you want a native Android, iOs or Windows phone app, we can do this as well. We can manage the app for you and develop it continuously.

complete mobile intranet

The digital workplace or social intranet is here to stay. But what will be the next step? Do you have many employees working outside or don’t really have any fixed workplaces anymore? Do your employees don’t have the time or aren’t in the right location to approach the office with a laptop? Then you could consider a completely mobile intranet. A mobile intranet includes all apps you expect to find in a traditional intranet in a web browser, but offered as a collection of individual apps instead which you offer and manage from your own Corporate App Store. This solution includes integration with Office365 and your Identity Management.