What we do

At Rapid Circle we believe that organisations can no longer ignore the Cloud. Because employees are also consumers that encounter innovative technology every day, they take their knowledge and expectations back to their organisations. Cloud solutions help save costs, be more productive, and to innovate internal communication and collaboration. In this way, the organisation grows and is more capable to adapt to changes.
At Rapid Circle we stand for a fair and transparent partnership with customers. All our engagements start with determining what success looks like for you and our commitment to your success.


Moving to the cloud is exciting, but also complex. We help you answer questions like ‘Am I moving to the Cloud completely, or partially?’, ‘In what way does a switch fit my organisation's strategy?’, and ‘How do I integrate the cloud applications with my existing back-end systems?’. Together we’ll build a roadmap to the cloud that meets your business objectives.


We deliver an end-to-end migration and implementation on the Office 365 platform. We also help you with migrating your current applications to the new platform. Success rests on the employees’ enthusiasm for their new environment and the resulting shift in work patterns, so we stay focused on adoption--from planning through to post-delivery.


Our consultants and engineers unburden your organization and offer complete control over your Office 365 and on-premise environment, including 24/7 support. With advanced monitoring and dedicated staff, we guarantee a stable, worry-free environment.

move to the cloud with azure

Are you considering a transition to the Cloud? We believe that Cloud technology enables you to realise significant cost savings and make your organisation more flexible. We help determining whether you are ‘Cloud ready’ and guide your organisation during the transition of your infrastructure, applications and management organisation to the Cloud. Do you want to have your own applications available in your Cloud environment at any time and any place? Developing, shaping and innovating applications is our specialty.

your ideal workplace with office365

The digital workplace and the new way of working are here to stay. It allows your employees to work independent of time and location and increase their productivity. However, a digital workplace is always in transition. Do you want your organisation to have the latest version of Office 365 and the newest apps, then make sure that you keep up with the evolution of the digital workplace. As Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft in this field we know how you can realise this.


better and more productive with crm online

Are you looking for a way in which you can serve your customers, relations or clients in such a way that they are satisfied with your service provision and that you can keep track of and edit data in an efficient way? Then Dynamics CRM of Microsoft is just the thing for you. This cloud-based CRM system connects seamlessly with your Office 365 account.

work smarter with enterprise mobile apps

Your employees and customers expect to be supported in their work activities through smart mobile applications as a supplement to their traditional workplace. From our App Factory we can help you with smart, enterprise mobile apps based on Microsoft Azure integrated with your SharePoint or Office 365 portals. We build both custom apps as well as a complete mobile intranet. We are independent from any platform, so our apps are suitable for all the usual devices.