The zevenseas SharePoint 2010 Search admin pages solution

OK I confess …….. I am in love with search. Occasionally (for me more frequent) you don’t know what and where “it” exactly was, but you still remember the name or part of the name of the thing you are looking for.

I really like the search capabilities of Windows 7 for instance, as an example the search box in the control panel. Personally I still don’t know where to locate the UAC option for instance, so I use search to help me.


And actually I have the same problem with the Central Administration Pages and the Site Settings page within SharePoint 2010. Most of the time the menu option I am looking for is right in front of me, but because I see so many options I can’t see mine.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can have the same search experience in the SharePoint Admin Pages as we have in the control panel? Well I think so.

zevenseas Search Admin Pages to the rescue…. I am crap in thinking of catchy names, so I apologies for that.

So what it does is just adding a search bar onto your Central Admin pages and your Site Settings page.


And when you search for something it hides the menu options that are irrelevant and highlight the option(s) that matches your search term.



This works the same for the Site Settings pages in your web application.

The holy grail behind this functionality is jquery which is being added to the page via a usercontrol. Unfortunately it is not a sandbox solution because the usercontrol is being added via a delegate.

You can download the SharePoint solution file from codeplex. Hope you will like it and please let me know if you have any feedback, questions or idea’s.