Incident Reporting Solution amongst top 5 Microsoft Teams solutions

After working intensively with Microsoft over the past 6 months, we are proud to announce that our new healthcare solution, Incident Reporting, has secured a position amongst the top 5 Microsoft key partners in Healthcare. Together, the partners contribute to improving the quality of care - based on the Microsoft Teams Platform. Microsoft Teams gives organizations the ability to digitally transform and enable employees to collaborate via one platform - the partners assist in understanding the needs and tailoring a solution that meets healthcare organizations' requirements.


About the Care Team Incident Reporting solution

The Incident Reporting solution helps healthcare institutions prioritize, automate, and analyze your current incident reporting process. By using Microsoft Teams as a hub for your healthcare team to collaborate and report incidents, they are enabled to help professionalize current processes and improve patient handling.

Empowering clinicians to achieve more with Health Team Huddle templates

Improving quality of care depends on many things—including overcoming complex care environments and cybersecurity threats. Since Microsoft 365 is built for teamwork, healthcare organizations can increase the effectiveness of their quality improvement processes and coordination of treatment plans, and enable research projects. Our new Health Team Huddle templates for developers extend Microsoft Teams to help drive quality and care outcomes by enabling collaboration with more effective huddle teams.

Every day, many times a day, health teams huddle to address patient care issues—tackling quality, safety, and management issues. But many teams rely on outdated modes of communication without an easy way to centralize health team notes, create actionable plans, and visualize patterns of patient symptoms. Critical patient information can fall through the cracks with these antiquated processes. Digitizing the huddle creates a single place to interact as a team. This integrated space for collaboration helps providers be in tune with their patients and improves the quality of care.


With the Health Team Huddle templates, you can:

  • Measure and visualize impactful best practices across your organization.
  • Identify patient care issues and potential causes.
  • Share ideas with your health team using natural conversations.

Reimagining the huddle process is one way that Microsoft 365 can empower health teams to securely work together with intelligent tools and solutions to share ideas and improve quality of care. And this is built on the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, which provides built-in security at all levels, leveraging trillions of data signals with machine learning. Microsoft has a long track record of building security and privacy into how we design and develop software. To build a trusted cloud platform for health teams, Microsoft has more than 1,100 internal controls to meet multiple regulatory requirements and industry standards, including HIPAA BAA and FedRamp.

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