Screenscraper - create your screenshots within your sharepoint list

Today we are pleased to announce the release of a new free SharePoint Solution called ScreenScraper.

In short, the ScreenScraper application enables you to take screenshots of web pages based on the URL field in a list, any list.


What does it do?

Have you ever lost that article you used to visit so often?


Ever wanted to save the content of an article you found and you had to manually create a screenshot or had to copy-paste the content into a word document?

ScreenScraper for SharePoint helps you to store your valuable webpages by creating a screenshot and then storing it as an attachment to a SharePoint list item.

When you enable ScreenScraper on a list you will be able to fill in a url field, containing the URL or the website you want to save. That screenshot will be saved in the list as an attachment of your newly created item.

You will never lose an article again.


Go ahead and use it?

Download ScreenScraper

Installation steps:

  • Run the setup on your server


  • Activate the zevenseas ScreenScraper site feature


  • Enable the ScreenScraper in the list settings

ScreenScraper requires mandatory fields. If those fields are not present in the list than you will get the option to create them first.


  • Go back to the list and start creating new items.




ScreenScraper is compatible with all SharePoint lists. Unfortunately, the current version of ScreenScraper will not work on SharePoint libraries like document or picture libraries.

ScreenScraper goes hand in hand with the social bookmarking solution Tagged Links, together they are a strong combination.

So, now you are able to easily store your links in the Tagged Links list and directly create a screenshot of your stored link. Now you will never lose your valuable web sites location or its content.



Let us know what you think of it. I am happy to receive your feedback / suggestions or any questions.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Download ScreenScraper

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