LAYOUTS folder revealed

A social life ....... well draw your own conclusions when reading this post but the excuse is at the end of this post. Of course nothing goes wrong during your development and deployment. But what if for some unforeseen reason a little mistake is made and because of that only the default.aspx is screwed up, you might still want to access the otheruseful administration pages of your site.

Or perhaps you might want to have some shortcuts to commonly used administration pages, this post might help you.

Fortunately there are not so many pages so therefor I will update this list bit by bit, bare with me and please feel free to help me out here.

For now I am only listing the pages that are directly accessible from your site collection and don't require a querystring. It's an oldie and kind of retro but back in his handsome younger days my mate Daniel posted an item about querystrngs.

  1. AclInv.aspx = add users
  2. AddNavigationLinkDialog.aspx = Edit the title, URL, and description of the navigation item.
  3. addrole.aspx = Add a Permission Level
  4. AdminRecycleBin.aspx = Site Collection Recycle Bin
  5. AreaCacheSettings.aspx = Publishing Site Output Cache Settings
  6. AreaNavigationSettings.aspx = Site Navigation Settings
  7. Site Navigation Settings  = Site Navigation Settings
  8. AreaTemplateSettings.aspx = Page Layout and Site Template Settings
  9. AreaWelcomePage.aspx = Site Welcome Page
  10. AssetPortalBrowser.aspx =
  11. associatedgroups.aspx = Edit Group Quick Launch
  12. AuditSettings.aspx = Configure Audit Settings
  13. avreport.aspx = ow really :))
  14. bpcf.aspx = New Basic Page
  15. ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx = Site Master Page Settings
  16. ContentTypeHierarchy.aspx = Content Types Hierarchy
  17. create.aspx = create overview lists, sites and pages
  18. CreatePage.aspx = Create Page
  19. ctypenew.aspx = New Site Content Type
  20. deleteweb.aspx = Delete This Site
  21. dws.aspx = Document Workspace (instruction page)
  22. editpolicy.aspx = Edit Policy
  23. editprofile.aspx = Edit Details
  24. enhancedsearch.aspx = Search Settings
  25. ........ to be continued

While going trough all the pages in the layouts folder I came across some pages that I have never seen before. Have a look yourself and feel free to provide your vision about the purpose of these pages.

  1. ConnGps.aspx

Excuse: I am at the Volkswagen dealer waiting for my car to be ready.