Get User Information from Client OM (JS)

When I was exploring the possibilities to read from a User Profile in a SharePoint Online environment I realized there are lots of properties that are being synced back to the UserInfoList, but only when they are filled in the User Profile.

User Info List

We know by now it's impossible from a Sandboxed Solution (or Client Side OM Solution) to access a Users Profile directly as you would in a On-Premise environment. Our scope is the SiteCollection that runs our custom code. In that scope there is one important resource we can use to get information about a User, the UserInfoList. The list contains some Properties that are populated by the SharePoint Profile. So somehow this is synced.

Synced Properties

The synchronization process is done (On-Premise) by a TimerJob called: "User Profile Service Application - User Profile to SharePoint Full Synchronization". This TimerJob normally runs "Hourly". I didn't test this out but my guess is that this will be the case with SharePoint Online too. The important part being that there is a delay in this procedure. That being said, which properties of the User Profile are being synced by this TimerJob?

Property StaticName (Client OM) Returns
Account name Name domainierselca or claim
User name UserName ierselca
Name (DisplayName) Title Cas van Iersel
First name FirstName Cas
Last name LastName van Iersel
Title JobTitle SP Consultant
Email EMail
Work phone WorkPhone 0123456789
Mobile phone MobilePhone 0123456789
Picture Picture http://linktoimage *
Department Department R&D
About me Notes Inner HTML of About field as a string
Web site WebSite *
SIP SipAddress sip format string
Office Office Rapid Circle
Ask me about SPSResponsibility SharePoint, C#, ASP
If User Is Site Admin IsSiteAdmin true | false

* You'll need to do .get_url() on the return object

This is an example on how to get the information based on the UserID in the Context of the current web (You can obtain this from the SPUser object or use javascript to get from a people link "person.aspx?ID={UserID}":

//Get the Context, Web and SiteUserInfoList for User Info var clientContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); var web = clientContext.get_web(); var collListItem = web.get_siteUserInfoList().getItemById(userID);

//Load the objects async clientContext.load(collListItem); clientContext.executeQueryAsync( Function.createDelegate(this, function(){ //Read all properties from the Item var userName = collListItem.get_item('Name'); var website = collListItem.get_item('WebSite').get_url(); }), Function.createDelegate(this, function(){ //On Fail }));

Note: When the field is empty in your profile the get_item() Method will return null on the property.

Profile Picture

On property that can be slightly inconvenient is the Profile Picture. The URL is stored in the UserInfoList so that will be returned perfectly. But with SharePoint Online the Picture is most definitely stored in the MySite Host webapp. This means the user is challenged for credentials when this URL is used in an <img /> tag for instance.


There is a lot of User Information we can work with using the Client OM. It's very easy to obtain the information using Javascript and to do cool stuff with it. Just keep in mind that the syncing process can take some time and no custom properties are being synced.