Daniel talks with Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) about Attini

Interview Daniel by Christian Buckley. Daniel talks about Social Computing via SharePoint. About what SharePoint misses and why SharePoint is still a very good choice for social collaboration, with Attini Social Suite of course :-) Daniel talks architecture, aggregation, virality of good ideas and knowledge, microblogging, cross site collection and cross farm search, in short: Socializing SharePoint.

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Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) talks with Dan McPherson (@danmc), CEO of Zevenseas and SharePoint Architect at Attini (@AttiniSoft) about social computing and the SharePoint platform, getting Dan's thoughts on the business problems and technical considerations. This is part of 'Digital Sack Lunch' video series produced by Christian Buckley and the Axceler team. Grab your lunch, and watch a couple videos!