ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - "Off course we also participate in the battle agains ALS"


Being challenged in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Off course we step up! "Surely we also participate in the battle agains ALS", says Harold Punter in the video with the Ice Bucket Challenge of Rapid Circle. A fun wat to generate attention and extra resources for a serious cause; the rare neurological disease ALS. "In this wat we contribute to the research of this terrible disease".

As Microsoft Healthcare partner Rapid Circle happily supports this cause. "ALS is a disease with approximately 1000 victims a year, to which no cure is available. Hopefully we can change this together", says Harold. In return, Rapid Circle challenges PQR, Agile Software and Mavention to contribute as well. Because it is as the ALS foundation states on their website: "There's only one way to ban ALS, and that is through research. And research is not cheap."