During his 15 years as a business consultant Harold learnt a lot about what makes a business tick. Its experience he put to good use, ensuring Rapid Circle thrived and grew during a period where Europe faced significant economic uncertainty. As CEO, he has been responsible for the delivery and relationships with dozens of customers, more than 100 engagements spread across more than 10 countries. His vision has ensured the company stays closely aligned with Microsoft, putting the organisation at the forefront of it cloud platform adoption.



Born technical, Daniel spent 10 years working at Microsoft, mostly in MCS and mostly in the UK. His role was to ensure Microsoft largest customers were successful on its newest platforms, and fly in to fix things when they weren’t. After leaving Microsoft, and beginning with Rapid Circle, he was engaged by Shell as their Intranet Architect, a role he still performs today, and where he has successfully designed, architected, and delivered 4 global solutions that are used by all 150,000 employees on a daily basis. After the UK, he lived in Amsterdam for 5 years, before moving to India in 2010 to build out the team with Suyog. A SharePoint MVP, Scrum enthusiast, he codes every day, and is a speaker at conferences around the world.



Together with Harold and Daniel, Wilco founded Rapid Circle as a Microsoft partner that looks at things differently.  This approach results into creativity and a drive to create beautiful solutions that our users truly want and need. Wilco feels most comfortable within an energetic informal atmosphere which is exactly what Rapid Circle embodies. He is proud of the Rapid Circle team and what they bring to customers which is real change. In his free time Wilco enjoys sailing, snowboarding and running.