Move to the cloud with Azure

Are you considering a transition to the Cloud? Rapid Circle can help you in determining whether you are ready for the cloud with our ‘cloud readiness assessment’. Based on this assessment we can outline a route together, in other words the roadmap, which is necessary to get where you want to be.

When your organisation is ‘ready for the cloud’ we can set up the migration. When your environment is ready to use it is possible to plug your own custom applications into your Cloud environment. Imagining, developing and innovating applications is our specialty. With our international team we we develop anything you need on a project basis.

Do you want to maintain control on your environment after configuration and implementation, but do not want to worry about it yourself? Perhaps you would like to outsource the technical and/or functional support to us. We provide 24/7 service if needed.


Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud technology offers many possibilities in many area’s. You can think of infrastructure, application development platform and software applications itself. Based on a focused scan of your ICT landscape we can quickly gain understanding of your situation and outline a possible roadmap for a transition to the cloud. Which applications can be migrated to the cloud? And in which ways can that be realised? This assessment offers an excellent starting point for a cloud transition program.

Identity & Accessmanagement

Microsoft Azure AD premium services offer many possibilities to provide your users with seamless access to business applications and data, regardless of whether they are hosted by you, your hosting provider, a SAAS supplier or in the Microsoft or Amazon cloud. This can also be a good expansion on your existing identity management structure so that a hybrid scenario can be chosen with a good balance between the necessity for protection of privacy sensitive data and the desired flexibility. 

Building Azure applications

In some cases it is desirable to add a custom application to your ICT environment. Imagining, developing and innovating applications that are entirely based on Microsoft Azure is our specialty. Our Dutch/Indian development team is ready for you. In addition, we have a fast growing number of buildings blocks on Azure which allow you and us to develop business applications faster and faster.

Migration to the cloud

The first step needed in order to facilitate the transition to the cloud is often the migration of your on premise applications to the Microsoft Cloud. The laws and guidelines of the cloud are completely different then with on premise and our professionals know best how to handle this.

Rapid Circle Academy

With the Rapid Circle Academy we offer a wide range of trainings and workshops regarding Azure Application Lifestyle Management. The academy is focused on application developers and technical managers.