Make the developers who earned us Microsoft's Global Health Partner of the Year part of your team.

Our Expertise is Your Expertise

With a head office in Amsterdam, a technical team based out of India and satellite offices in Australia and Canada, Rapid Circle has been supporting organizations around the world in their digital transformation journey since 2008. We help our customers transition to the cloud, improving efficiency and ensuring they get the most from their IT investment. We create innovative and collaborative solutions using Office 365, Microsoft Azure and CRM online.

Our Cloud Builders technical team is made up of the developers and engineers who built the solutions which earned us Microsoft’s “Global Health Partner of the Year” award. Now they can be part of your team too, either on an ongoing basis or to help complete a specific project.

Team Engagement

One of our Cloud Builders joins your staff remotely and integrates tightly into your team. We handle the HR side of things–making sure they’re looked after and motivated–but they’re your own employee in every other respect.

Solution Engagement

One or more Cloud Builders join your project team for as long as it takes to get the job done. This opportunistic approach ensures you have the skills you need when you need them, without having to hire additional permanent employees.


Make Our Cloud Experts Your Experts

Rapid Circle Cloud Builders provides world-class cloud and mobile developers who work remotely within your team to help you meet your project goals.

Rapid Circle developers are not your average offshore crew: they’re our own co-workers, as well. The same people who build the solutions for our customers that earned us Microsoft’s Global Health Partner of the Year.

Whether it’s a strategic piece of work or an ongoing engagement, Rapid Circle Cloud Builders will fill that gap with proven expertise–for a lot less than you might think.

Make our people your people, too.

  • Fill a crucial gap in one of your projects 
  • Boost your in-house skillset without any training costs 
  • Grow your team on an ongoing basis

Take Advantage of the World’s Most Unique Offshore Development Team

Our Cloud Builders development team is based in Pune, India. In a place with a lot of offshore technical teams, they’re a very unusual crew.

Meet our team and see what makes them special. Hear what it was like building the unique work environment in Pune that has made them the right sort of different.

We'll get your project started, at no charge.