Care Team Incident Reporting

From analog incident reporting to automated and real time incident handling


Microsoft Teams gives organizations the ability to digitally transform and enable employees to collaborate via one platform. The Incident Reporting solution makes use of this platform and lets you automate your incident reporting process which enables your employees to improve on incident handling by using Teams as their primary application/solution for collaboration. 

The Incident Reporting solution is a way for Healthcare organizations to professionalize their current incident reporting process, better known as the Meldingen Incidenten Cliënten (MIC), which healthcare organizations are required by Dutch law to have in place. This solution lets employees add on the current Teams functionalities and report incidents that involved employees and/or patients to the Incident manager/ team and care team by using Microsoft Teams more extensively, which will help organizations to professionalize current processes for handling, keeping track off and evaluating reported incidents.

Enable, organize, prioritize and automate

  • Enable your healthcare employees to make incident reporting less time consuming and involve them in the handling of the incident they report;
  • Organize all incidents within your organization per care team (decentralized) and for the Incident Manager/team;
  • Prioritize all incidents and process them accordingly. The added value here is that you gain the ability to measure in and output and handling time per incident;
  • Automate current processes and set-up automated protocols for reported incidents to improve on the current incident handling processes.


How does it work?

Via Teams or an app built in PowerApps, employees can report the incident they encountered in a few simple steps. They could even upload a photo they took during or after the incident occurred.

The incident is reported in two different teams:

  • The Team of the care team that reported the incident; in a separate 'Incident-channel' within an existing care team Team, a tab gets added to report incidents. In the Conversation tab the progress of the incident gets reported to the care team by an automated process (using Flow). A different PowerBI tab could be added for analytics on the teams specific reported incidents.
  • The team of the Incident Team. The reported incident gets processed by the Incident Team using a Planner board and there's even the possibility to use automated workflows (Microsoft Flow) to set-off protocols automatically or give the Incident-handler a set of tools (information) to handle the incident according to the healthcare clients' specific organization. The Planner board is added as a tab in Teams to enable collaborated handling of incidents by the Incident team. For metrics on Incident handling the Incident Manager(s) will make use of a PowerBI-dashboard added as a separate tab. This dashboard will give the Incident Manager(s) information on how many incidents are reported, how long it generally takes to handle incidents and other important information.

Added value for..

Incident reported.png

Incident Team/Quality manager

  • Automated process instead of paper which results
  • Improvement on incident reporting
  • Improvement on incident handling
  • Analytics on Incident Handling which enables your organization to improve on the whole process
Report incident 2.png

Care Team

  • Ease of use from whatever location the healthcare employee is working (onsite/remote)
  • Automatically receives standard protocols for incident handling
  • Updates on incidents status’